Awake+Asleep Biorhythmic Toothpaste Set

Awake+Asleep Biorhythmic Toothpaste Set

Awake+Asleep Biorhythmic Toothpaste Set.

An oral healthcare product designed to set and reset your day.

With nHAp mineral as the active ingredient for superior tooth remineralization and instant sensitivity relief. (fluoride free)

Engineered to support your natural rhythms.

Awake: Guarana to spark your mind to life. Lime and mint taste zingy and fresh.

Asleep: Valerian to naturally wind you down. A touch of orange and cinnamon for sweeter dreams.

- Nano HAp technology – Enamel remineralization and relief of tooth sensitivity pain
- Active ingredients for natural whitening and gentle polishing of the enamel
- Xylitol that protects against decay and prevents cavities
- Coconut water for antibacterial properties

2x30 ml - lasts 2 months at regular use